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by Nightl_lWolf at 9:36 PM
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Hello again my fellow Daegonnians, and a fair hello it is. I've come bearing gifts! Huzzah!

Top Voter Rewards For October:

Top Voter Rewards For October Into Nov./Dec. (This is a collective of all three month's votes): ...
by Nightl_lWolf at 11:17 PM
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Hello fellow Daegonner traversers and keyboard warriors! I'm happy to announce a new form of staff recruitment. But first, an introduction:
Welcome to the future of staff recruitment, lads and lassies. Not much has changed, but not much has stayed the same either. After many individuals including current and former members of the staff team decided to have a go at me because of my apparently poor decisions regarding staff recruitment, I decided I'd think of a way to implement each and every individual's opinion here on Daegonner into the recruitment of any and all future staff members prior to choosing them. This way I will know for a fact how each of you feel about the individual and his/her potential candidacy. Will this cause flame, bias, and possibly a third World War? Probably. Am I going to do it anyways? You bet your sweet @$$ I am.

The Idea: The idea is that through our current system of staff applications, myself and the select...
by KingVitiate at 6:47 PM
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Some important last minute changes as we weren't clear with some features on the previous announcement, as well as other minor changes.

We know how ridiculously annoying it can be with spawners only being able to be broken 3 times (unless you repair it with a crystal), along with the durability system being extremely complex for some players. With that being said, the spawner durability system has been removed and replaced with a new system. Players that aren't in your faction within a 500 block radius will prohibit you from mining spawners with a silk touch pickaxe. Instead, you will now have to use silk touch shears as they take longer to mine (if non-faction members are within 500 blocks). If no players are within the radius, you are permitted to use a silk touch pickaxe, or a silk touch shear (the shear will mine spawners just as fast as an efficiency five pickaxe due to no players being around you).

Allied faction members will not trigger the...
by KingVitiate at 5:31 PM
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As we've continuously had issues to put out a successful map, we've decided to stay away from those huge drastic server changes like the core. Though these changes might not be as huge as other maps, we're certainly more confident about providing a playable, lag and bug free, successful map. These "not as big" changes were also intended to put us on the right track for future updates we have planned.

Custom biomes will be used for the new map. Bird’s eye view of the map:

The borders of each world will remain the same from previous maps. There will still be flat bedrock at Y:1. There will also still be end stone from Y:2 through Y:40 in the End.


Overworld: 20,000 x 20,000 (10,000 border)
Nether: 4,000 x 4,000 (2,000 border)
End: 10,000 x 10,000 (5,000 border)

Border claiming is still enabled. Claiming corners of the border will also remain disabled.

Players were continuously aggravated as they had to constantly invest...
by KingVitiate at 5:20 PM
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Players were continuously aggravated as they had to constantly invest immense amounts of time just to build walls, so we thought of a way to reduce the time taken, but still make it not too crazy in the form of “scaffolding.” Just a preview of a small, but useful feature. We already know there’s going to be questions about autoclicking walls after watching the video, so we’ll state what’ll happen. Auto clicking walls will still be permitted with this new method of building walls, but the rate at which you can place scaffolding blocks will be limited (limit not yet decided). The limit won’t be ridiculously slow as we still want to permit autoclicking walls (and no, I wasn’t autoclicking in the video). Blocks that are currently supported consist of:

Obsidian (maybe)

Everything shown in the video (scaffolding, crafting recipe, and scaffolding “deconstruction”) is not final, and subject to change as they were only shown that way for testing and...
by KingVitiate at 8:04 PM
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Yes, I'm not dead. I apologize for the sudden inactivity. I've been away the past several months as I went back to school, and wanted to focus on it full time without ANY distractions (which obviously included Minecraft). I hope you're all doing well :). As promised, there WILL be an official summer reset around early July. I only have 2 more weeks of school left, then I'll be back full time. I've already started brainstorming on some features to be added for the summer reset (I promise it's nothing as complicated as the Core). Hopefully I'll be able to show some sneak peeks of it soon. If you have ANY suggestions, feel free to post them in our suggestions forum.

Two extremely important questions I had for you guys;

1) Should the Faction Core feature be removed as it's too complex for some players to understand, or should we keep it and create some type of "noob proof" tutorial?

2) Should soups be brought back, or should we stick with potions?

Vote on the poll above please...
by KingVitiate at 12:01 AM
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EDIT: Server down due to a crash exploit. Working on a patch ~ Fixed. (wonder)

Mainly just some bug fixes, and adding back some old features that were removed.

After some thinking, we decided to add Key Hunter crystals back. They're available for purchase through the token shop, or webstore again. Any previous items that contained the Key Hunter enchantment, such as King items and crates, will now contain the Key Hunter enchantment again. Due to adding this back, the chances to receive rare items from crates have been nerfed slightly to prevent any "easy" damage to the economy through free keys. The chances to receive keys from the enchantment are set in stone, and will not be altered. If you're going to whine about the chances like previous times, deal with it (grin)

+ Fixed issue where /f raid would give you an internal error
+ Fixed issue where scoreboards wouldn't appear during raids
+ Fixed issue where the core's...
by KingVitiate at 11:28 PM
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Custom biomes will not be used this map. Ordinary 1.7 biomes will be used.

The borders of each world will remain the same from previous maps. There will still be flat bedrock at Y:1. There will also still be end stone from Y:2 through Y:40 in the End.


Overworld: 20,000 x 20,000 (10,000 border)
Nether: 4,000 x 4,000 (2,000 border)
End: 10,000 x 10,000 (5,000 border)

Building in the Nether will be enabled this map due to lava flow being reactivated (so you can obtain plenty of lava). However, claiming in the nether will remain disabled. You can find more information about this in the Lava Flow section.

Border claiming is still enabled. Claiming corners of the border will also remain disabled.

The current /f raid command bases it off hours, and charges you $50,000 per hour. We're well aware of the issue that a fair amount of raids take less than an hour. Due to this, we’ve changed the command to charge you per minute,...
by KingVitiate at 12:54 AM
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EDIT (3/29/2015): Server will be reset for Spring break (U.S. based). A thread containing all the information will be posted in a few days.

EDIT (3/24/2015):
Wrapping up the coding parts. Moving onto builds next. I'll make sure to get a de_dust2 PvP arena built. :)

EDIT (3/13/2015): Work is going extremely well. Minigame (LMS / LFS / KOTH / FOTH) code rewrites are being wrapped up. Moving onto the slight changes, bug fixes, and small additions next. :)

EDIT (3/9/2015): Work for the "soft" reset has begun. There is no ETA.

Before I get into it, I apologize for my extreme inactivity. I've been having a plethora of overwhelming internet issues (still to this moment). I'm certain a majority of you know as to why my internet's been having issues by now. My ISP (internet service provider) has promised that everything will be sorted some time during this week, hopefully before the weekend. With that being said, let's discuss this “soft” reset...