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Seems to be a hot topic recently.

Disable bow boosting? Yes or no?

Vote on the poll above please ~
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Edit #3: Everything should be smooth sailing now. :)

Edit #2: Experiencing some issues with our network ~ Working as fast as we can to get it back up

Edit: Switch is now complete. For some of you, your DNS may not have fully updated, which means you still may be on the old protection, or the server may appear as offline for you. Please allow up to 24 hours for your DNS to propagate, or try using Google's DNS servers for it to propagate faster. :)

Currently switching our protection. Shouldn't be down longer than 30 minutes. Many of you may have your MS decreased by a vast amount, and a small amount of you may have increased MS. This change will most likely give you a much better connection to the server, which should definitely smooth out your game play.
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EDIT #3: Majority of the issues have been fixed. Server should be running smooth for the most part. LMS, LFS, KOTH, and FOTH have again been temporarily disabled due to new discovered leaks with them. :)

EDIT #2: Memory leak found. Working as fast as I can to resolve the issue. :)

EDIT: Temporary fix applied.

Quick update, the server is currently lagging heavily, or will "crash" at times as we're taking heap dumps and examining them to sort lag issues. It'll sorted ASAP.

Dwight will also be editing this thread to keep you guys updated.
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After speaking with some players and staff members, we've decided that death threats will no longer be a bannable offense. We believe death threats just act as another form of "trash talking." If you are upset with this decision, remember that you can always /ignore [player] to block a player's messages.
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Apologies for the downtime. Our host had some extended issues on their end. Nonetheless, everything is back up and running smoothly now. :)

On a side note, factions warp issues have been fixed. :)
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The second half of all vouchers will be placed on Saturday, January 17th, @ 2 PM PST. This day and time should give a fair advantage to each player's respective time zones globally.

The Razer vouchers and rank vouchers are now placed around the map. They are all within 5,000 blocks of spawn. For players that didn't get a chance to read the previous post, vouchers are stored in "structures" around the map. Left clicking the odd block out in the structure will announce whether you've won a voucher or not. The first half of the vouchers have been placed, and more will be placed at a later date.

In this example of a structure, the gold ore would be the odd block out, and left clicking it would notify you whether you've receive a voucher or not. All structures DO NOT look like this. Each structure looks different.

justin5321 - Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard
PS3RULZSS - Razer Naga
hotchillibeef - Razer Deathadder
fishslay7 - Razer...
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Server will be up at 7 PM PST ~

Just a reminder for a few things:

+ The map will be fresh
+ It is normal for you to NOT receive mcMMO upon reclaiming your rank as mcMMO hasn't reset
+ PvP kits (Platinum, Titanium, Hero, Legacy, and Reaper) and Utility kits (Cannon, Enchant, Build, and Harvest) will be temporarily disabled as we try and find an alternate solution to bring seasonal kits back
+ Items and keys purchased last Saturday (January 3rd) will be reimbursed within 48 hours of the launch
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EDIT: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the BETA period will now be on the 24th and 25th @ 4 PM PST. The relaunch will be delayed until Friday, December 26th @ 4 PM PST. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you guys on the battlefield right after the holidays. Thanks for understanding. :)

Although it was not necessary to whitelist the server in order to iron out bugs and introduce new features, the server was in an unbearable state which we could no longer stand to see. We apologize for the downtime and thank you guys greatly for waiting so patiently. As requested by a majority of the players of Daegonner, the map will reset upon the reopening of the server.

The map will be custom generated with plenty of custom hand drawn biomes and will feature Razer vouchers, rank vouchers, and operation documents hidden in ruins and structures (such as airships) scattered across the map.

The borders of each...
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As the new update approaches, there'll be some promotions and demotions, which means we'll be short on staff members.

You may apply for helper by going to Forums -> Administration -> Helper Applications.

Direct link: http://daegonner.com/community/forums/helper-applications.46/

Good luck, and have fun. :)
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Much of the Daegonner community has been frustrated with updates the past several months due to bugs, gltches, and miscommunications. We are disappointed in our recent quality of work and want to make things right. The server will be white listed for approximately 2 weeks. The temporary downtime will allow us to improve the server across the board, which includes major bug fixes, new additions, and a server rework. A major portion of the administration team (mainly development members) have been dismissed due the amount of bugs and issues caused by them the past months. After the patches are applied, Daegonner will be reopened in a BETA stage, allowing for plugins and server performance to be further tested before being released. After the rework of the server is completed, there will be an announcement on forums.

The server will be whitelisted starting on December 1st.