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by KingVitiate at 9:40 AM
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Although it was not necessary to whitelist the server in order to iron out bugs and introduce new features, the server was in an unbearable state which we could no longer stand to see. We apologize for the downtime and thank you guys greatly for waiting so patiently. As requested by a majority of the players of Daegonner, the map will reset upon the reopening of the server.

The map will be custom generated with plenty of custom hand drawn biomes and will feature Razer vouchers, rank vouchers, and operation documents hidden in ruins and structures (such as airships) scattered across the map.

The borders of each world will remain the same from previous maps. There will still be flat bedrock at Y:1. There will also be end stone from Y:2 through Y:40 in the End.


Overworld: 20,000 x 20,000 (10,000 border)
Nether: 4,000 x 4,000 (2,000 border)
End: 10,000 x 10,000 (5,000 border)

Note: You do not...
by KingVitiate at 4:12 AM
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As the new update approaches, there'll be some promotions and demotions, which means we'll be short on staff members.

You may apply for helper by going to Forums -> Administration -> Helper Applications.

Direct link: http://daegonner.com/community/forums/helper-applications.46/

Good luck, and have fun. :)
by KingVitiate at 6:15 PM
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Much of the Daegonner community has been frustrated with updates the past several months due to bugs, gltches, and miscommunications. We are disappointed in our recent quality of work and want to make things right. The server will be white listed for approximately 2 weeks. The temporary downtime will allow us to improve the server across the board, which includes major bug fixes, new additions, and a server rework. A major portion of the administration team (mainly development members) have been dismissed due the amount of bugs and issues caused by them the past months. After the patches are applied, Daegonner will be reopened in a BETA stage, allowing for plugins and server performance to be further tested before being released. After the rework of the server is completed, there will be an announcement on forums.

The server will be whitelisted starting on December 1st.
by KingVitiate at 9:23 AM
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Apologies for the extended downtime. There were some emergency issues that had to be sorted. Whilst sorting the issues, we took the time to fix the remainder of the bugs. On the bright side, there was no roll back.

List of bugs fixed:
  • Portable Shop:
    • Right clicking or left clicking issues
  • Teleportation
    • Bypass exploits
    • Accepting a /tpahere
  • Crystals:
    • Applying a crystal
    • Nature's Gift, Explorer, and Key Catcher granting keys
    • Blazing Touch being incompatible with Infusion
    • Crystals being broken in general
  • Clear Lag:
    • No longer removes rare entities
    • Broadcasting messages fixed
    • Now broadcasts 3 minutes and 2 minutes before a clear
  • Fishing:
    • Exclusive rewards being granted
  • Anti Loot Steal:
    • Showing remainder of time left on loot
  • Crafting:
    • Being able to craft hoppers, beacons, and enderchests
  • LMS:
    • ...
by KingVitiate at 11:29 AM
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The following changes will be applied when the server is back up for you to play on:
  • /f status will be added
  • You can now view the boundaries of the chunk you're in using /seechunk
    • Aliases are /chunk, /ch, /sc
    • Redstone blocks will appear every 10 blocks
    • The boundary will automatically disappear after 30 seconds - These are "fake" blocks created from packets - Client sided
    • We realize there's already /f sc, however, /f sc typically causes FPS drops
    • [​IMG]
  • Our Item Filter has received a massive overhaul and will now bring up a GUI
    • [​IMG]
    • Players will be now be able to filter specific types of potions
      • [​IMG]
      • (Note: this toggles only the potion type, it doesn't consider potion times)
    • Players will now be able to create/delete different Filter profiles
      • Maximum of...
by KingVitiate at 7:24 PM
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As Halloween quickly approaches, we will be releasing some seasonal changes! These changes will be over a period of 1 hour on Saturday 25th from 8AM - 9AM PST (Click HERE to view the time for you).

The following features will be added to the server and will be available when the server restarts at 9AM PST:
  • @Arceusect2's Halloween Event Concept
    • Players will be able to type /halloween one time to redeem their Crate o' Lantern
    • You must stockpile (collect) as many Lanterns as you possibly can before October 31st
      • You will only be able to store lanterns in physical CHESTS inside claimed land and will be denied placing them into your ENDERCHEST, VAULT, or any other storage container not mentioned!
      • You cannot log out with...
by Nightl_lWolf at 9:24 PM
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Autoclicking walls is now illegal and will be for the remainder of this map. That being said, from here on out players will be banned for autoclicking or fastplacing their walls when the server is un-whitelisted again.
I just thought I'd make an announcement and let ya'll know. :)
Cheers, happy raiding.
by KingVitiate at 6:27 PM
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The drop zones recode and revamp has been completed, and will be implemented again. All drop zones will now take part inside a castle with four exits; north, south, east, and west. All four exits will be blocked off with fences and unavailable for access unless a drop zone is taking part. You will be notified 5 minutes prior to a drop to get ready for it. Just like before, you'll be able to type /dropzone join 15 seconds before the drop to join in. Upon joining the drop, you will be teleported inside the castle to a spawn point of your own where you will be unable to move or fight until the drop occurs. When the drop occurs, 9 chests will fall from the sky into the center of the castle. Only one of these chests will contain loot. When a player finds the chests containing the loot and takes it, it will be announced in chat. 15 minutes after the drop, the fences will automatically be put back in the north, south, east, and west exits. Your EXP bar...
by KingVitiate at 3:11 AM
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Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in recovering the corrupted data.

Does this mean there will be another reset? With embarrassment and too much shame to hold my head up to speak to the community after the recent calamities, yes.

I realize the past week has been a disastrous experience to any player who even attempted to give this bug filled server a try. Many are wondering as to how and why these issues occurred. Well, I'll give you guys the full story. However, I won't mention any names as I'd hate to put them in the spotlight of all the issues.

Why was 6.0 such a mess and the worst possible reset?
6.0 was planned exactly one month before the release date. Everything was ready and tested for countless days to ensure the launch of 6.0 would have zero issues. On top of that, new graphics were even made to make the server look more appealing. Exactly 1 hour and and 2 minutes before the launch of 6.0, a member in our administration team made some slight changes to...
by KingVitiate at 4:48 PM
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Just got out from class, and on my way home. The server's SSD is currently having issues as a majority of our data was corrupted. While we do take daily backups, the last one stored onto one of our administrator's desktops is currently 4 days old. We'll keep you guys updated about the status. Whether it involves a rollback, or a new map, or everything being perfectly fine, the server will be back up no later than Saturday, 8 AM PST.