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by saint at 12:56 PM
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Hi all,

As some of you may have noticed, things on the forums have changed quite a bit. Going off of @KingVitiate's thread, I've modified a few things on the forums to emphasize ease-of-access (ie. finding things). These changes can be viewed below:

The 'Bad Spelling' and 'Old' ratings have both been removed as I personally feel they are inappropriate (Dumb would be gone too, however I was asked to keep it). If you have any suggestions on any (positive/un-insulting) ratings, please don't hesitate to post in the Suggestions forum.

9 new smilies have been added to the forums for you to use, they can be found by clicking the smilies button in the message editor ....
by KingVitiate at 12:27 AM
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Players will no longer be able to post on Ban Appeal, Player Report, Staff Report, Purchase Help, and Chargeback Ban threads except for the user who created the thread.

We hope this change will greatly reduce unnecessary spam, drama, and flaming on threads like these.

Staff members will be able to post on these threads.

Aside from this...


Thank you for all you've done, and hope you have a good one. :)
by KingVitiate at 11:37 PM
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Tomorrow, July 8th, Tuesday, at 6 PM PST, the server will be whitelisted for approximately 2-3 hours while we perform maintenance. During this maintenance, we will be switching to another permissions plugin. After tons of testing and debugging, it seems that our current permissions plugin seems to be causing many lag spikes. We expect this change to increase performance by a great amount.

While this maintenance takes place, some tiny things will be added;

Crate Keys will be added to /dt for 3x the specified crate price.
Fix the "block lag" players are receiving due to "fast placing" blocks.

On a side note, if my reply to any of your private messages or threads were extremely delayed, my internet access was restricted for nearly 72 hours. Every private message should have an answer now, and I'm extremely sorry for the delay. <3
by saint at 8:00 PM
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Hello everybody,

As you may be aware the server is currently undergoing some "issues". Craig, the rest of the Administrative team, and myself have been diligently working to clean up the mess that has been caused by recent events. We will not be resetting the server so we ask all of you to not make the situation seem worse than it is.

An update on KingVitiates recent absence: His internet connection has been undergoing a DDoS attack for about 72 hours as of this point and he is working on getting access to the forums and server. We expect him to be active later today.

The Administrative Team
by KingVitiate at 12:04 AM
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Corner/roof cannons have been patched. You no longer need to worry about your base's roof getting completely demolished.

On a side note, due to some issues with our current hosting provider, we'll have to temporarily switch back to our temporary proxy. Your latency (ms) will be a lot higher. The issue will be resolved as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.
by KingVitiate at 9:11 PM
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As a factions server, I've always understood trash talking, name calling, etc. However, it seems that many of you have gone too far and crossed the line. A lot of players on here uses an excessive amount of profanity, threaten with death threats, DDoS -- there's a never ending list. It's also quite hypocritical how many of the players that make threads about how awful and corrupt the community is actually turns out to be no different from the players they're describing. Why point fingers at others and call them out if you're the exact same and no better? With that being said, some new rules will be enforced that you must follow. There will be absolutely zero tolerance for players who break these rules.

All of the following examples are something we've seen on a daily basis.
The players being used are just examples.

Profanity will be allowed, but directing it towards another player is prohibited.
Example of allowed: "What the fuck just happened?"
Example of...
by KingVitiate at 7:20 PM
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Doing this a day earlier as I have to leave tonight and won't be on for a few days.

Top Voters
1) capchris - 160 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
2) Purcinator - 145 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
3) okabino1234 - 145 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
4) elaa21 - 145 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
5) IIwarrierII - 142 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
6) PoppinMac - 142 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
7) crazyguy100000 - 137 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
8) Johnnyhyper - 137 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
9) Bcarlin99 - 137 - $35 Buycraft Voucher
10) Hasterious - 129 - $35 Buycraft Voucher

Top LMS Wins
1) XxNova_GamingxX - 73 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
2) Icalldemhacks - 66 - $25 Buycraft Voucher
3) KL128_808 - 64 - $15 Buycraft Voucher

All vouchers have been sent through /mail. Remember, it's a one time use.

Voting will now give you a 1/3 chance to win a Super Crate Key.

Last Man Standing rewards have been extended from 40 wins maximum to 100. Check them in-game with /lms rewards.

All votes and LMS wins have reset ~
by Nightl_lWolf at 12:15 PM
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It has come to my attention that many players have paid Rockyfoxy in game money in exchange for ranks and kits, etc.
That being said, many of those players have been charged back on and thus are currently banned from the server due to that fact. This thread is an apology as well as an explanation to those of you who are suffering from such inconveniences, and a promise that everything will soon be sorted out.

I've personally removed the money in which RockyFoxy received from everyone whom he/she donated for, and have banned Rockyfoxy for a day to prevent further payments and/or Charge backs to be made by him/her on other players.
I will permanently ban RockyFoxy once @ZizzyDizzyMC uploads his evidence of the player donating for others, and from there we'll ensure that everyone who had a rank prior to being upgraded/donated for gets their rank/kits back.

Once again, I apologize to anyone who is currently banned due to chargeback.
That being said, if you have already...
by Nightl_lWolf at 12:06 AM
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The majority of the players' MS should be a lot lower. If the server is "offline" for you, please allow up to 24 hours for the DNS to update. Flushing your DNS may help.
by KingVitiate at 10:59 AM
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All ms issues should be sorted within a few/several days, so don't worry. :)