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by KingVitiate at 12:54 AM
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Before I get into it, I apologize for my extreme inactivity. I've been having a plethora of overwhelming internet issues (still to this moment). I'm certain a majority of you know as to why my internet's been having issues by now. My ISP (internet service provider) has promised that everything will be sorted some time during this week, hopefully before the weekend. With that being said, let's discuss this “soft” reset you're all talking about.

Our plans were to have this map extend until the summer to launch 8.0 in June. However, recent issues that occurred won't make it possible to do so. Due to the sheer amount of dupes, it's quite blatant that the map and economy is completely broken, which is also the reason I understand why you all want a new map. It is confirmed that there will be a “soft” reset. The purpose of this “soft” reset is just to clear the map of duped items, and frehshen the economy. There won't be any huge new features added during this reset, just small useful...
by Nightl_lWolf at 1:08 PM
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Hey guys and gals, its me, Alex. Very recently, I was RATed and my forums/skype/other accounts were compromised, thus leading to the deletion of all (or most) of your messages and ratings, etc. I apologize greatly for this and hope that you can all eventually forgive my ignorance. I did take the precaution of having my account banned in-game so that nothing would be affected there, so I suppose that's a plus. That being said, I've regained most of my accounts and have changed all of my passwords and email passwords. If any of you have my old, hi-jacked Skype account "nightllwolf" added, I suggest removing it from your contacts and blocking it until further notice (I'm attempting to get it back too (tongueout)).
Thank you all for understanding,